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Segway is the most eco-friendly mobility scooter that will take you around towns and cities with zero emissions. This will carry you across most terrains efficiently and economically. Here’s what you should know about segway rental:


About the product

  • Self-balancing
  • Multi-terrain mobility
  • Recommended weight range:100 -260 lbs

Delivery and pickup: How it works

At a hotel:

  • We will drop off your rental item(s) at the hotel bell desk or the front desk.  Not checked in yet? No problem! The item(s) will be left at the bell/front desk under your hotel reservation name for your easy claim upon arrival. (hint: please indicate your hotel reservation name in the “Special Instructions” section at the bottom of the reservation form).
  • If you're staying at a hotel that does not allow vendors to leave the rental items, we will be in touch with you to coordinate an in-person drop-off and in-person pickup of your segway rental.
  • To return the item(s), simply leave it with the bell desk or front desk, and we’ll swing by the evening your rental ends to pick it up between 7-10 pm! It’s easy!!!

At a residence or an AirBnB:

  • We can deliver your rentals to any residence within our delivery zone.  Not sure if you are within the delivery range? Just fill out the delivery address in the reservation form and we will tell you if we deliver to your location or not.  
  • We typically drop off your item(s) the evening before your rental start date. The evening before drop-off doesn’t work for you? No problem! You can choose to have the item delivered in the morning of your rental start date.

At a theme park, airport, cruise ship, or specific destination:

  • Want us to drop off your segway at Disney, Universal Studios, the airport, rental car counter, or another specific location?  You got it!  Note the specific time you would like us to dropoff and pickup in the “Special Instructions” section at the end of the reservation form. 


Product specifications

Segway X2 SE
Maximum Payload (Rider plus all Cargo) | 260 lbs (117 kg)
Maximum Handlebar Cargo Weight |10 lbs (4.5 kg)
Footprint | 26.5” x 33” (67 cm x 84 cm)
Max Speed |12.5 mph (20 km/h)
Range on a Full Charge* | 9 - 12 mi (14 - 19 km)

Segway i2 SE
Minimum Rider Weight | 100 lbs (45 kg)
Maximum Payload (Rider plus all Cargo) | 260 lbs (117 kg)
Maximum Handlebar Cargo Weight | 10 lbs (4.5 kg)
Footprint | 25.5” x 25” (65 cm x 63 cm)
Max Speed | 12.5 mph (20 km/h)
Range on a Full Charge | 16 - 24 mi (26 - 39 km)


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Frequently asked questions

The following info will help you clarify certain questions you have about renting Segway from Cloud of Goods.

Does Cloud of Goods have Segway rental near me?

You can now rent Segway s via Cloud of Goods in most cities around the United States.

Where can I rent a Segway from?

Segway rentals available via Cloud of Goods in most cities across America now. We have a range of Segway rentals from popular brands to fit your needs. Simply make a reservation online and one of our local rental shop partners will meet you with your Segway rental delivery.

How much does it cost to rent a Segway ?

Pricing depends on your location and many other factors. Best way to find the exact pricing is to add the Segway model you want and fill out the details on the checkout page to get a price quote for your Segway rental.

Which Segway rental is cheapest?

Pricing vary not only based on the model of Segway , but also factors like rental duration, delivery location, time of the year, etc. To find the cheapest Segway rental price, browse our Segway .

Where can I find Segway rental coupons, discounts, or deals?

Duration discounts and other spot discounts automatically applied to your Cloud of Goods shopping cart at the time of checkout. You can also view our rental coupons page for any currently available Segway rental coupons and deals.

Not what you are looking for? See other products