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  • Adjustable push handle
  • Removable fabric for easy cleaning
  • Holds up to 2 children
  • Easy to fold/unfold
  • 180-pounds weight capacity

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Boy, oh boy. Traveling with kids isn’t supposed to be so darn frustrating. From packing clothes and plenty of diapers to ensuring you've got enough snacks to feed a small army, traveling with little ones can feel like you're prepping for a months-long expedition rather than a relaxing family getaway. But you'll be pleased to know that the days of cramming bulky items in your rental car or paying for extra baggage fees are behind you. Rent a collapsible folding wagon from us to have it ready for you when you arrive so that you have one less thing to carry or keep track of.


Whether planning a trip to the beach, exploring nearby parks or strolling the streets of the city you’re visiting, you can count on this deluxe folding wagon with canopy to make the ride that much smoother and less complicated. Considered the most durable folding wagon on wheels, the Wonderfold wagon for 2 kids is the perfect getting around solution for parents of multiples. Rent a folding wagon for camping, for travel or for the beach. The frame folds up and expands to save room and the canopy slides on and off. Plus, the collapsing wagon features a 1-step food brake system for easy control.


  • 180lb Capacity: suitable for 2 children with a combined weight of 180lbs of less
  • Folds/Unfolds: fold down and pops up to make transporting easy and convenient
  • Adjustability: features an adjustable non-slip handle you can raise up or push down
  • Bonus Storage: has pockets on the sides for storing toys, bottles, towels and more
  • Clean & Safe: all wagon rentals are cleaned, sanitized and inspected after every use

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Frequently asked questions

The following info will help you clarify certain questions you have about renting Wonderfold wagon from Cloud of Goods.

How many kids fit in the stroller wagon?

Featuring two seats and a built-in 5-point safety harness system, this foldable wagon for rent is safe and spacious enough to comfortably fit 2 kids with a combined weight up to 180lbs.

Are foldable wagons allowed in Disney?

Disney parks do not allow wagon strollers because they can hinder the flow of foot traffic. Though you can’t take this fold up wagon inside Disney, you can take it just about anywhere else. If you’re planning to attend a festival or event, make sure to check requirements before booking.

Can I use the folding wagon for groceries?

Why not?! Use the folding wagon for kids, for pets, for trips to the grocery store and more. Light, collapsible and easy to wheel around, it’s the best double folding wagon cart for reducing the burden of carrying kids, beach gear or picnic essentials.

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