Jumping bounce house rental

Pricing depends on duration & destination.

  • Certified clean
  • Inspected between rentals
  • We deliver to you wherever you are
  • Safe for Toddlers
  • Quick to Set Up

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Planning a family vacation can feel more like coordinating a circus of chaos than spending time with loved ones. Looking for ways to keep the kids entertained when vacationing or visiting a new place? Renting an inflatable bouncy castle while traveling has never been easier! No more worries about how to fill those in-between moments of your trip or concerns about public playgrounds' safety and cleanliness. Our bounce house rentals offer a private, fun, safe and entertaining activity for little jumpers to partake in.


The unique thing about renting bouncy houses from us is that our bouncy house rental service adapts to your schedule, providing you the flexibility and freedom to have it dropped of when and where convenient for you. Take the leap with us to have a cool inflatable bounce house with slide waiting for your little ones to ‘bounce’ off their pent-up energy. Featuring a whimsical (and gender-neutral) fairy-tale wizard design, this Little Tikes bounce house for kids turns boredom into picture-perfect memories. Celebrate a child’s birthday on vacation, entertain restless kiddos tired of sitting, have a picnic in the park and more. The possibilities are practically limitless when you choose inflatable rentals by Cloud of Goods.


  • Quick to Set Up: this kids bounce house can be inflated and deflated in just minutes
  • Safe for Toddlers: made from lead-free and fire-resistant material to ensure safety
  • Includes Blower: comes with portable, quiet, lightweight blower machine for inflating
  • Delivered Clean: thoroughly cleaned, sanitized and closely inspected after every use

Fuss-Free Returns: we’ll pick up the toddler bounce house from just about anywhere

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Frequently asked questions

The following info will help you clarify certain questions you have about renting Jumping bounce house from Cloud of Goods.

Where can I rent a bounce house near me?

You’re right where you need to be in order to rent bounce house castles for delivery. This bounce house for rent is available in most major cities across the country from coast to coast. Use our online booking system to check availability near you.

How much does bounce house rental cost?

The price of bouncy house rentals depends on the location, time of year, availability and duration of your inflatable rental. Compare bouncy castle rental rates using our convenient booking tools.

Are bounce houses allowed at parks?

When it comes to setting up bounce houses at parks, the rules can vary depending on the specific park and its governing body. In general, many public parks do allow bounce houses for special occasions, such as birthday parties or family gatherings, but there are usually stipulations you might need to follow. You may need to obtain a permit, show proof of insurance, purchase a power source or set the jumping house up in designated areas only.

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