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Start your own equipment rental business by becoming a Cloud of Goods Rental Partner. Potential to earn more than thousands of dollars. We send you the orders and all you have to do is deliver the rental equipment and bring it back at the end of the rental. We provide training and guidance on nurturing and growing your business.

What is Cloud of Goods?

Cloud of Goods is the Amazon equivalent eCommerce marketplace for the equipment rental industry. Today, it is the largest and fastest-growing online rental marketplace on the planet. We are on a mission to change how people consume things, for the better!

Popular rentals on the platform are Mobility and medical equipment, Baby gear, Sports goods & camping equipment, Party & event rentals.

How it works

If you wish to earn some extra money by renting out mobility equipment, baby gear, medical equipment, sports gear, tools, or any other rentable equipment, then the Cloud of Goods rental partner program is your perfect opportunity. When our customers place an order we will inform you of that, allowing you to serve the customer and earn income out of your rental goods. While Cloud of Goods takes responsibility to find more and more customers, the duty of the Cloud of Goods Partner is to fulfill the orders and provide 5-star customer support.

Why should I become a Cloud of Goods Rental Partner?

You should seriously consider becoming a Cloud of Goods Rental Partner of the largest rental platform on the planet and grow your business. whether you want a side income or build a massive rental business with multiple locations, our proven business model will provide you with the tools & opportunities to achieve your goals. We have a large network of individuals and local rental businesses who are thriving on our platform, so join our community!

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